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The resources contained herein can be freely mixed and matched with resources from any of the PVGames resource sets (you can find more here) to exponentially expand your game world!

About this asset pack:

The city wall fell to the beasts. The towns people flooded the inner keep in seek of sanctuary while the ravenous creatures tear apart their homes. The kingdom cries out for a hero. Eight step forward. 

 Sometimes your story requires a hero that is not just another average joe, but someone who can stand out from the other characters and hold a more epic standing. Inside this resource pack you will find eight unique characters, each with numerous spritesheets (including animated side-view battlers!), busts, faces, paperdolls, and even full pictures depicting each one that can be used for cut-scenes, promotional art, or whatever else you can think of!

FEATURES for Medieval Townsfolk:

  • 8 unique heroes, each with a number of sprite sheets, including animated side-view battlers, message busts, facesets, paperdolls, and full cut-scene pictures.
  • A total of 471 individual resources including all spritesheets, facesets, busts, and paperdolls. Some heroes have more or fewer busts, faces, spritesheets in accordance with their design.
  • Material matches other DLC in the Medieval series.

You are free to use the resources in any game-making software that you want. You are free to edit the resources to fit your needs. You are free to use the resources in commercial projects.

You can see many of the resources from the Medieval packs in action in a couple of  sample games I made for an Indie Game Developer Competition here:  

If you are interested in getting access to thousands of additional resources, including all of the latest resources not-yet-released (as well as exclusive resources), then consider taking a look at my Patreon, which gets updated multiple times per week with brand new game-making resources.

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Great work. I used it in one of my games. Thank you !!!


Great Asset Pack!


And of course there is no 8-way attack animation. Trash.


Dude, it's free. Take it or leave it.


are you pathetic or what?