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From the corner of your eye you can see it, but you dare not look directly. It walks towards you… no, that isn’t right, it is more of a jerking, shambling motion but… not quite that, either. It defies any articulation. But there is one thing you are certain of. You never should have opened the Black Book.

As a sequel to the hugely popular Mythos Horror resource set, Mythos: Reawakening presents you with a huge number of assets to craft your horror masterpiece!

The resources contained herein can be freely mixed and matched with resources from any of the PVGames resource sets (you can find more here) to exponentially expand your game world!


  • 53 tile sheets for a wide range of 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s inspired environments. There are tiles for interiors, exteriors, trains, houses, hospitals, shops, industrial areas, office spaces, vehicles, schools, and more. Most tiles come in both orthogonal and isometric perspectives.
  • 27 large tiles for ritual areas, trains, train tracks, trees
  • 140 pre-made buildings to construct towns and cities.
  • 10 Animated tile sheets containing light sources, creepy rocking chairs, ceiling fans, and doors.
  • 12 horrific monsters (including everyone’s favorite deep-ocean dreamer, Cthulhu!) Every creature comes with numerous sprite sheets for walking, idling, attacking, resting, and many other movements and behaviors, all in 8 directions. Each also comes with faces and oversized front-view battlers (most monsters come with 4).
  • 6 Background images to create special backdrops.
  • 24 unique characters loaded with tons of animation sprite sheets and resources (each character has 58 individual sheets, busts, faces, paperdolls). Walking, running, attacking, combat ready, critically wounded, sleeping, resting, using items, interacting with objects, and much more. All sprite sheets are in 8 directional facings.
  • 12 Pre-constructed interior rooms. Just add decorations and they are ready to go! These can also serve as guides for creating your own rooms with the provided resources in the tile sheets.
  • Size and scale is the same as the PVGames Medieval resources, so all resources are compatible with each other and can be freely mixed and matched.
  • You are free to use the resources in any game-making software that you want. You are free to edit the resources to fit your needs. You are free to use the resources in commercial projects.

If you are interested in getting access to thousands of additional resources, including all of the latest resources not-yet-released (as well as exclusive resources), then consider taking a look at my Patreon, which gets updated multiple times per week with brand new game-making resources.

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Thank you kindly!

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GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Action RPG, Horror, Isometric, Monsters, RPG Maker, Survival Horror, Tileset, Unity


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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I bought this pack a while ago and when I tried to use it, I was quite confused by some tilesets. For the objects and character sprites, it's fine.

For the floors, it's more complicated. At first I thought they were autotiles (with the edges on the sides and one or more tiles in the middle for filling), but no. In fact they are 192x192 tiles for the filling with a last 192x48 tile for the bottom part. This is the only way to have tiles that match well.

And finally, for the walls, it's a mess. It's quite difficult to see how to arrange the tiles so as to obtain clean walls. It looks like 48x48 tiles but I end up with artifacts of other tiles or missing bits. So either it's badly done or I really don't understand how to use these tiles. And I'm leaning towards the first hypothesis, judging by the pre-built room number 12, where you can see visible cuts in the walls. It's really ugly!

Otherwise, the pack is relatively complete and offers a lot of perspectives to create a nice Lovecraftian RPG with a graphic style between Diablo and Fallout.

Thank you so much for releasing this asset pack. I used it to make this illustration.

Can you update the link to Medieval: Dungeons pack? It currently points to the Medieval: High Seas pack.

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Thanks for the rebate! I've looked very fondly at these assets but could never get enough to buy them!

I'm making a visual novel / adventure game and I've earned a few bucks, I've invested them in those tiles, I'll see if I can manage to adapt them to renpy in my next project!


Thank you! I wish you luck on your project!

Thanks! I also bought another one from a city affected by a plague which is very useful!

The "pre-made" rooms are a blessing for me! they make it so much easier!

Now a question, is there any chance that you will ever release "pre designed" terrain to build the city? like the streets, etc? and (I take advantage) I remember that some years ago you published some very interesting resources, I remember for example a barber and an "evil pumpkin" these came even with some render (which for a visual novel is fantastic!)

but I haven't seen them anymore, will you bring them out again at some point?


is there a tutorial for a rpg maker mv setup?

There's a thread over on the RPGMaker forums that have a bunch of tutorials, guides, and links to helpful plugins and such. You can find it here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/plug-ins-tools-and-tutorials-pv...

btw. What is the best tool to generate maps with that tiles? I had some problems with Tiled, cause I should break pictures individually, to draw them on the map, so probably exists a better solution...

That entirely will depend on what you're trying to accomplish - there's no one best way to do things! Personally, I enjoy using GIMP to put together my maps in layers.


Can this be used for rpg maker?


Becuase i am a rpg maker mv game dev and would love to make a horror game with this

Yes these can be used in RPGMaker! You're more than welcome to check out my games that I made in RPGMaker right here on Steam at the bottom of my page (The Last Journey being the "newest")


How practical/ easy would these assets be to use for online tabletop role playing platforms such as Roll20 for someone who is a complete stranger to video game design?

Honestly, I am not entirely sure! It would depend on your skill level with something like GIMP or Photoshop or other image manipulation program of your choice. In the end, these are just 2D images so you can build maps and such pretty simply just by playing around with the images.

ok, thanks for the prompt response. I know that there are a lot of other assets out there for virtual tabletops but these are spot on for the vibe I’m going for

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I have a couple of questions and remarks if you don't mind, I was close to buying your $70 bundle but I was really hoping to find some tiles in some 2:1 ratio for a 30° angle. Unless I'm mistaken, the exact dimensions of your tiles are not mentioned on the pages on here, I ended up having to "dig" in your patreon description to find out the exact size (which, according to Patron, is always 64x64).

So just wondering (cause I really like your work): have you ever done or are you planning on doing other formats? I'm ideally looking for 256x128 or 128x64. I find the 1x1 camera angle far too "aggressive" in general and 2:1 much more natural and pleasing to the eye / brain.

Also any strong take on whether props and walls are designed to be occupying a full tile or if tiles are designed to be divided into sub-sections for finer collision detection and such? Just a more thorough technical description in general (rather than just the list of the bundle's content) would be super helpful I feel like.

Also are you interested in custom jobs? If so, where I can reach you privately?

Heya! I don't really have anything in the 2:1 ratio department; what you see in the screenshots is what I make. The items you'll find on Patreon snap together on a 32x32 grid. The older items made for RPGMaker (Medieval Town and Country, Interiors, etc) are on a 48x48 grid. Each wall piece for the 2.5D items (basically everything since Patreon) fully occupies a single "tile" space. I do not really do custom work since it tends to take too much time and it would cost way too much for most people if I were to charge them fully for my time, so I tend to avoid doing it at all.

Ok, thanks for your reply!

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Just thought I'd share, but I created a horror game with your assets and is releasing on the 29th on steam. You saved us so much time, we were able to finish a 5-7hr game in 3 months. Thanks hope I can work with you soon for some custom assets!


Glad to hear it and I am glad that the resources helped you! Your game also looks really great; I enjoyed the intro movie you made and the shadow people! Great work!


thanks! Your assets are so good! I can send you screens shots of our game, and the trailer as well so you can further show people what's possible with your assets.


Do you intend to release 3d packs with the models used to make these sprites?

I do not have any plans to release any 3D assets, only 2D ones.



I have to preface this with, I AM A PROGRAMMER, so I am aware I am totally ignorant in this manner. I bought this package to have some art for a side project I am making and I can't seem to find the isometric images. I am using Godot, and I am trying to make a tileset, but all I can create are just basic 2D images. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am not entirely sure what you're asking - this asset pack contains tiles, characters, and monsters that are in 8 directional facings - the 4 orthogonal directions and the 4 diagonal directions.

"53 tile sheets for a wide range of 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s inspired environments. There are tiles for interiors, exteriors, trains, houses, hospitals, shops, industrial areas, office spaces, vehicles, schools, and more. Most tiles come in both orthogonal and isometric perspectives."

The characters and monsters I can see being in isometric, as you mentioned they face all 8 perspectives you need. However, the tiles themselves are not. Is this by design? My idea of isometric would be like the image I have posted below. Is there anyway to get your images to show up like they are below? Or am I misunderstanding something?

MOST tiles, when you look at the tile sheets, indeed the majority of everything comes in both facings. For grounds I use decal/splat tiles which can really be used in either or both capacity simultaneously as they have faded edges which allow for them to blend in with other textures. I do have more rigid tiles (in diagonal) in the newer 2.5D asset packs. If you haven't checked it out, you can download the Infernus tileset for free and find those kinds of tiles as well.

Ok, yeah, I am just struggling to use them in Godot's tilemap, but maybe I need to use 3D with a camera perspective to achieve isometric. Anyway, thanks for the replies. They are really awesome assets. Sorry for all the trouble. Looking forward to seeing more work from you!

I just bought your asset and they're really good! I'm making a horror game with it, however I  noticed that with all the hospital objects there's no hospital building. Is there any packs with a hospital building? 

Got this in the humble bundle, and was wondering what resolution is this?? I ask, cause I would like to use blender to make some additions like characters and weapons, but im not sure what settings to render.


I bought this game through "Racial Justice and Equality" and i extract the file and the game launcher is missing


This isn't a game on it's own.  It is an asset bundle for use in making your own games. :)  So for example if you have RPG maker or other tools such as Unity, you can import the graphics from this and make your game look awesome. :)


well thanks for clarifying.

Thanks for making some really cool and inspiring assets. How do you import this into RPG Maker? I can't seem to figure that out lol

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I previously bought the older Mythos Horror pack (and several others) on Steam for VX Ace.
I find the character portraits very useful.
Thank you for including these in the Social Justice bundle.

Any plans for more modern character templates?


What's the license on this?


You can use the resources in any engine that you want, you can edit the resources as you see fit, you can use these for commericial and non-commercial purposes. You just can't re-sell the assets or modify and sell them.


Hi PVGames! What would be the best way to get all of your assets? I'm looking at your Patreon, Itch and Steam and getting kinda confused with the different offerings. Haha. 


Heya! Yeah, things tend to get confusing after so many years! I would say Patreon gives you the most bang for your buck. Pretty much almost all of my asset packs are given through there depending on the tier selected, along with thousands of resources that are not released anywhere else presently. So basically you get everything that I have up on Itch/Steam (minus the super older stuff which I discontinued long ago anyway) plus thousands of things not available anywhere else.


Thank you, this is very helpful. Great work on all the assets, they are incredibly inspiring.


I bought Bored at Home Bundle, It's really cool assets. Thanks for made it.

Thank you very much!


Can I say something. You are awesome. AWESOME

Thank you kindly!

Is it possible to up-order some extension for my needs?

I am not sure what you are asking - are you asking for some specific assets to be made?

Sort of. Maybe winter version update some day?


Ah, yes, definitely winter stuff in the works presently over on my Patreon! It will be awhile before that is bundled up into a game asset pack, though, but is available now.

I quite interested in Lovecraftian winter version, trains the most, looks like release date and development start is kinda same, thank you.


Your assets are just phenomenal. I'd wish more developer would use them - and use them properly like you do in your games. I crave for a new game from you by the way. The three I've played were brillant.

Thank you so much for the praise! I'd like to make another game for certain! :)

Wonderful to hear! :)