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This bundle included both the Medieval: Plague Bringers asset pack and the Medieval: Diseased Town asset pack, both for a lower price than they would be had individually.

The resources contained herein can be freely mixed and matched with resources from any of the PVGames resource sets (you can find more here) to exponentially expand your game world!

About this bundle:

They came by the thousands. Rats. Not ordinary rats, but massive ones, with crooked and grotesque visages, dripping bile and blood. That’s how it started. That was how the end of our civilization began.

What plague or disease will overcome your world? Will the dead rise up from their graves? Will the wildlife turn feral? The Medieval: Plague Bringers pack gives you the resources to add all sorts of vile undead and plague-ridden denizens and locales to your game world. With dozens of new character creation pieces, new monsters, and tons of brand new tiles, you can fill your Medieval world with a whole new set of horrors.

FEATURES for Medieval Plague Bringers:

  • 13 Tile sheets for plague-ridden towns, alchemy labs, cemeteries, and more.
  • Over 130 pre-made buildings, mausoleums, gallows, bridges, ruins, and more to construct towns, markets, graveyards, and much more.
  • 18 new monster sets featuring spritesheets, facesets, Busts, and Front-View battlers. There are zombies, skeletons, ghouls, undead animals, and even a zombifed dragon!
  • 8 character templates with nearly 60 new pieces of clothing, hair styles, equipment, and more to allow you to create literally thousands of unique characters (fully compatible with other templates and clothing/hair/accessories from other Medieval packs). Themes for clothing include plague doctor, paladin, priest, alchemist, sick patient, and more.
  • Each character template and piece of equipment/clothing/etc comes with the resources to create over 50 different spritesheets ranging from walking, running, sleeping, sitting, side-view combat, down poses, idling, and much more – all in 4 and 8 directions! On top of that, each comes with the resources to make busts, paperdolls, and facesets! There are 6 pre-made characters included.
  • 6 Animated object sheets for bubbling cauldrons, flies, body piles, and light sources.

FEATURES for Medieval Diseased Town:

  • 24 Re-worked tilesets from the Medieval: Town and Country and Medieval: Interiors packs.
  • 82 Pre-made buildings and castle pieces for a worn-down and gritty aesthetic.
  • This set greatly enhances the Medieval: Plague Bringer resources, as well as all other Medieval resources.

You are free to use the resources in any game-making software that you want. You are free to edit the resources to fit your needs. You are free to use the resources in commercial projects.

You can see many of the resources from the Medieval packs in action in a couple of  sample games I made for an Indie Game Developer Competition here:  

If you are interested in getting access to thousands of additional resources, including all of the latest resources not-yet-released (as well as exclusive resources), then consider taking a look at my Patreon, which gets updated multiple times per week with brand new game-making resources.

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Hello, if I buy your assets, do I have permission to use them in a commercial board/card game too, not only in a video game? Btw, great work! Thank you!

Hello! Yes, you are welcome to use the resources in a commercial board or card game as you like.  Thank you!

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Yo how  come the Attacks aren't complete? You only have 1 directions!

These assets are older and were made with RPGMaker in mind. If you want full 8 directions for all animations (and tons more animations) the newer 2.5D assets have all of that.


your art is so good!

Thank you kindly!


Hello! I love your work. Are the assets in PNG format?


Nevermind, I purchased the bundle and I have to say, this is one of the best isometric works I've seen. I'll definitely try and put them to good use. Very good work.

Sorry for a late response, but glad they fit your needs! Yes, they are all in .png format with transparent backgrounds (but you already figured that out by now!)

You were fast enough to respond! I was just very excited with the assets!