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The resources contained herein can be freely mixed and matched with resources from any of the PVGames resource sets (you can find more here) to exponentially expand your game world!

About this bundle:

Encompassed by a darkness so thick that your torch light cannot penetrate it, are you brave enough to venture deeper into the depths of the Dungeon?

No adventure is complete without a perilous dungeon, and no dungeon is complete without monstrous horrors to face! This pack contains two dozen monsters (including sprite sheets for movement, down poses, animated side-view battlers, over-sized static front-view battler, faces, busts, and more), tons of tiles for dungeon creation (and can be freely mixed and matched with all other Medieval tiles), numerous animated objects from doors and gates to light sources and magic orbs, and several ready-to-use prisoners to occupy the lowest cells within your dungeon.

FEATURES for Medieval Dungeons:

  • 13 Tile sheets for dungeon construction, ranging from rubble and ruins to furniture, statues, decal overlays, fixtures, ritual alters, torture devices, and much more!
  • 17 build-your-own-pit pieces (plus 4 already made pits).
  • An additional 21 large dungeon props (giant statues, extra rooms, platforms, and more).
  • 24 unique monsters ranging from the lowly goblin to the mighty black dragon and many in-between.
  • Each monster has, at an absolute minimum, a 4 and 8-direction walking spritesheet, 4 and 8-direction KO spritesheet, animated side-view battler spritesheet, oversized (1024x1024) static front-view battler, face, and bust. Most monsters have more than that, up to 50+ total animated spritesheets for running, combat variations, sitting, kneeling, and other behaviors. In total, there are 860 monster resources!
  • 3 Unique prisoner characters, each have a face, bust, paperdoll, and 65 spritesheets (including 8 prisoner-unique animations).
  • 18 Animated object spritesheets for lightsource, traps, doors, magic orbs, and more.

You are free to use the resources in any game-making software that you want. You are free to edit the resources to fit your needs. You are free to use the resources in commercial projects.

You can see many of the resources from the Medieval packs in action in a couple of  sample games I made for an Indie Game Developer Competition here:  

If you are interested in getting access to thousands of additional resources, including all of the latest resources not-yet-released (as well as exclusive resources), then consider taking a look at my Patreon, which gets updated multiple times per week with brand new game-making resources.

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Thank you kindly!

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Buy Now$8.99 USD or more

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This is my first time i purchase 4 madival dlc(town & country, interior, underdeep, dungeons) for rpg maker mz. But did not understand machanisms use these dlc. If any guidline please provide me.

(Sorry for bad english)

What were you having trouble with specifically? There's also a PVGames discord channel you can hop into, there's lots of folk there that would be glad to help as well!

How to use characters &  enemies in rpg maker mz?


And another pack of masterfully crafted resources. Great god, you never stop to amaze me with your magic. Beautiful!


Thanks for the support, it is much appreciated!

(1 edit) (+1)

I don't create games myself (so I can only comment from an aesthetic viewpoint), but if you'll ever release a commercial game with your art I'll be the first to purchase it.