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This forth volume of PVGames character pieces provides you with a number of pieces of equipment, clothing, hair styles, and other items to equip your characters with! This pack contains outfits and equipment for World War II-themed characters, from American airborne and British commandos to German infantry and Stormtroopers. These are historical outfits for your characters. You can freely mix and match the various pieces to create an exponential number of characters; and since each piece of clothing is its own separate graphic, you can easily re-color and edit pieces to fit your needs. All PVGames 2.5D resources are designed to be modular and interchangeable with one another, so that you can collect and expand upon your library for exponential possibilities!


FEATURES for the 2.5D Character Pieces Vol. III Set:

  • 7 Characters and Outfits (6 for males, 1 for females).
  • 37 total character pieces including base characters, hair styles, and various articles of clothing, weapons, etc. Mix and match to create numerous characters!
  • Each character and piece of equipment comes with over 70 animations, including walking, running, sneaking, sleeping, numerous idling stances, numerous attacking animations, using objects and skills animations and much more.
  • Each character and piece of equipment has over 2000 frames of animation. Every animation comes in 8 directional facings.
  • Each character and piece of equipment also comes with 24 faces, 24 busts, and 24 paperdolls depicting a wide range of emotions and poses.
  • Freely mix and match equipment to create numerous characters!
  • All items inside this pack can be freely combined with other PVGames 2.5D Character Pieces asset packs to truly exponentially grow your possibilities. Software is freely available to assist you with creating your characters on the PVGames Discord (link provided). This software will allow you to quickly and easily set up your characters and export what sprite sheets that you need/want.


If you would like to support the making of more of these assets and gain access to thousands of additional resources, including many that are exclusive, then consider taking a look at my Patreon. Thank you!



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Can I make a game of this software?

Does this work with RPG maker MV? because I was looking to make a WW2-themed RPG with Magic using elements.