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This first volume of PVGames character pieces provides you with a number of pieces of equipment, clothing, hair styles, and other items to equip your characters with! You can freely mix and match the various pieces to create an exponential number of characters; and since each piece of clothing is its own separate graphic, you can easily re-color and edit pieces to fit your needs. All PVGames 2.5D resources are designed to be modular and interchangeable with one another, so that you can collect and expand upon your library for exponential possibilities!


FEATURES for the 2.5D Character Pieces Vol. I Set:

  • 8 Characters and Outfits (4 male versions and 4 female versions).
  • 62 total character pieces including 8 base characters, 8 hair styles, and various articles of clothing, armor, weapons, shields, etc. Mix and match to create numerous characters!
  • Each character and piece of equipment comes with over 70 animations, including walking, running, sneaking, sleeping, numerous idling stances, numerous attacking animations, using objects and skills animations and much more.
  • Each character and piece of equipment has over 2000 frames of animation. Every animation comes in 8 directional facings.
  • Each character and piece of equipment also comes with 24 faces, 24 busts, and 24 paperdolls depicting a wide range of emotions and poses.
  • Freely mix and match equipment to create numerous characters!
  • All items inside this pack can be freely combined with other PVGames 2.5D Character Pieces asset packs to truly exponentially grow your possibilities.
  • Software is freely available to assist you with creating your characters on the PVGames Discord (link provided). This software will allow you to quickly and easily set up your characters and export what sprite sheets that you need/want.


If you are interested in getting access to thousands of additional resources, including all of the latest resources not-yet-released (as well as exclusive resources), then consider taking a look at my Patreon, which gets updated multiple times per week with brand new game-making resources.



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Thank you kindly!


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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omg this is unreal, the sheets are so big most of my programs and my engine cannot open them, so i tried a sprite cutter apparently the images are not evenly spaced so thing get cut in half about halfway down the sheet. so i try to see if i missed any instructions and tried to read the READ ME file... turns out its in docx. format so i have to pay $99 im told by Microsoft to get the program to read it.........what the heck, am i missing something?  EDIT: SOLVED: for anyone else who was like me and had no idea how this works

the creator of the packs has a software that uses these sheets, to create custom characters.. it was on his discord channel

which the leads you to this page

Rpg Tools by Nightmare_82 (itch.io)

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This is very helpful. Thanks. And indeed, it's very easy to handle with the RPG tools software.

I really like PVGames, but I had trouble getting these to work correctly.   The program they use is a little more involved than I wanted to get into .   ?? IDK ?

What issue did you run into? The software available pretty much automates character creation after you pick the options you want.

(1 edit) (+1)

It was just too many options for me.  The program works fine, but I didn't have the patience to figure out what views were what, etc. Overall I just think the older (High Fantasy) stuff was better suited to my style of graphics working.   It really just comes down to personal taste.   (Edit)  I was not very clear above. I miss the already pre-made "Sample" characters, the older packages contained. 


Hiya! I was wondering if there were specific kinds of locomotion animations such as rolling/dodging.

Any chance there is somewhere I can see what the characters moving look like? ;w; not sure if it fits the style I'm going for so just want to take a look >w<


Heya! If you go and download my game The Last Journey (it's free, here on itch) you can see some of the various assets in action.


thank youu! <3