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Hello, if I buy your assets, do I have permission to use them in a commercial board/card game too, not only in a video game? Btw, great work! Thank you!

Hello! Yes, you are welcome to use the resources in a commercial board or card game as you like.  Thank you!

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Yo how  come the Attacks aren't complete? You only have 1 directions!

These assets are older and were made with RPGMaker in mind. If you want full 8 directions for all animations (and tons more animations) the newer 2.5D assets have all of that.


your art is so good!

Thank you kindly!


Hello! I love your work. Are the assets in PNG format?


Nevermind, I purchased the bundle and I have to say, this is one of the best isometric works I've seen. I'll definitely try and put them to good use. Very good work.

Sorry for a late response, but glad they fit your needs! Yes, they are all in .png format with transparent backgrounds (but you already figured that out by now!)

You were fast enough to respond! I was just very excited with the assets!