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Great assets u make :) more more and more Fantasy assets! but this fallout style is awesome.

Hello dear sirs! Thank you for the great asset pack!

May I ask, what is the idea with the Flamethrowers? Is there a separate asset pack somewhere that includes the flames, or how does one get the flaming effect seen on the screenshot here? (Same question for minigun muzzle flash etc.)


Hello and thank you kindly! So the projectile weapons for monsters (some of the Mega Mutants and the Android and Drone) were made with the idea that the user would institute their own solution (most likely something made in Effekseer or something similar); this is for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that the animation frames have very little extra space to add projectiles without being completely cut-off at the edges, so it would be impossible to incorporate them into the animation itself. The second reason is that this gives more creativity and possible variety in terms of what kinds of projectiles are fired - the mini-gun could be a classic mini-gun that shoots bullets or maybe it shoots lasers - the flamethrower can shoot flames or maybe it shoots green globs of goo, or bees, or whatever else you can think of.