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hi, is possible use only by Godot?

You can use it in Godot, there are people who have!

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omg this is unreal, the sheets are so big most of my programs and my engine cannot open them, so i tried a sprite cutter apparently the images are not evenly spaced so thing get cut in half about halfway down the sheet. so i try to see if i missed any instructions and tried to read the READ ME file... turns out its in docx. format so i have to pay $99 im told by Microsoft to get the program to read it.........what the heck, am i missing something?  EDIT: SOLVED: for anyone else who was like me and had no idea how this works

the creator of the packs has a software that uses these sheets, to create custom characters.. it was on his discord channel

which the leads you to this page

Rpg Tools by Nightmare_82 (

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This is very helpful. Thanks. And indeed, it's very easy to handle with the RPG tools software.

I really like PVGames, but I had trouble getting these to work correctly.   The program they use is a little more involved than I wanted to get into .   ?? IDK ?

What issue did you run into? The software available pretty much automates character creation after you pick the options you want.

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It was just too many options for me.  The program works fine, but I didn't have the patience to figure out what views were what, etc. Overall I just think the older (High Fantasy) stuff was better suited to my style of graphics working.   It really just comes down to personal taste.   (Edit)  I was not very clear above. I miss the already pre-made "Sample" characters, the older packages contained. 


Hiya! I was wondering if there were specific kinds of locomotion animations such as rolling/dodging.

Any chance there is somewhere I can see what the characters moving look like? ;w; not sure if it fits the style I'm going for so just want to take a look >w<


Heya! If you go and download my game The Last Journey (it's free, here on itch) you can see some of the various assets in action.


thank youu! <3