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Do you have the amazing Spaceshipgraphics around the example maps? That would give the map a nice immersion in the final game


Hi do you plan to release more content like sci fi and urban maps? I'm really in love with your art, im trying to make a resident evil style game and Im looking for urban/city art.


Hello! Sci-Fi will be done again in the future (pun!) - right now I am working on Apocalypse assets. Most of this stuff is available over on my Patreon presently, but you are welcome to come into the PVGames Discord and check out screenshots, ask questions, etc.

will do ! Thank you 

Hello, I'm super interested in these assets for a current project. However, what are the exact license terms? It's a non-commercial open source project and in one way or another, it would involve distributing the assets alongside the project's source code. Would this be possible?

While you can use the assets in any commercial or non-commercial project, they cannot be simply given away freely. If you have a way to prevent the assets from being released freely, then you are more than welcome to use them for your project!

Hello, thank you very much for this awesome resource pack!

I have a question that might be a bit dumb. I read in the comments that these tiles are supposed to be 32x32, but when I use them as such, I can't find any  'edgeless' wall tiles (like, just the color of the wall without a border, or just with one side bordered). I can only find corners.

I need to set my editor to 16x16 so that the tiles get split further and then I have these middle tiles. I'm probably doing something wrong, but can anyone help me here?

Thanks again to the creator and to anyone that might help! :)


Heya! You are on the right track with the 16x16 tile size if you want to split the wall pieces into their appropriate segments. This old pack was designed for RPGMaker, which automatically does that in the map editor, but if you are using these outside of RPGMaker, you'll have to segment the walls using a 16x16 grid.

Thanks so much for the reply!

You're right, I'm trying to use the resource pack in Godot and later saw that there are some necessary conversion steps from an RPGMaker resource pack to something usable in Godot (or segment it in 16x16). Thank you once more and have a lovely day!


Would this load into MV or would I have to muck about with scaling or anything?

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What a shame, really wanted to buy this pack, but Stripe won't accept my credit card, and doesn't give a reason why. Maybe consider using a different payment processor, as you are losing money here.

Steam isn't an option, as it wants me to download VX Ace first, when I don't even want to use that engine. And Paypal isn't an option on principle.

Release it on Steam as a standalone download not tied to a specific product, and I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

Your work is very well done. Really nails the Diablo-era 2.5D vibe. I bought the sci-fi pack because it is probably most relevant to my current project but I love the high fantasy elements as well.


Hello again from me :D

Can you please tell me what was the size of the tiles of the set.  Was it 16x16 or 32x32 or something else. Can you see the water tiles - if you see the second picture from top to bottom you have one big pool. I cannot make that  when I try. I think those tiles that are to be middle - not connected with a wall have some artifact maybe. Maybe I am wrong. Can you help me please.

Best Regards and thank you for your work.


Heya! They are 32x32. The water is set up as autotiles as the RPGMaker software uses it.

Are then the middle water tiles ok? Can you help me please. I cannot fathom my mistake. 

Thank you very much.


What software are you using?

In this case Tiled. But I can use something else. If all is ok in the tiles - it is my fault and I will have to think of something else. :)
Thank you very much for your time and for your work.


This pack when I made it was for RPGMaker VX/VXAce which have a special way of animating the water tiles. You could look at how those pieces of software handle it to see.

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Thank you for these wonderful graphics, I bought because I really like the character animations from this pack


I'm a huge Star Trek fan, so thank you SO much for this!! I'll be investing in your Patreon as soon as my first paycheck comes in but I was wondering, how often (if at all) do you add sci fi content?

I've been itching to make a Star Trek-esque game for a while, but lack the art talent. This pack is wonderful and I can do a lot with it, but more would be even better. :)

Ahoy! I am currently transitioning from mostly Fantasy stuff to more modern stuff and then will transition towards Sci-Fi (I love Sci-Fi!)

I don't have a time table on this though, but it is something I want to do.


Really great News, I could need an upgraded version of this pack for the Maker MV ;) 

By the way didn't know you had a Patreon too.

Thank you so far for your great work! 


Can these assets be used commercially for games and other projects?


They certainly can!


Your work is INCREDIBLE, cannot find any other definition! I look forward for more. Especially for more alien, space, sci-fi... I hope we see more on that (and any other).

Thank you.

P.S. I wanted also very much to try your game Sector 12 looked very promising.


Thank you! I should probably put a link for Sector 12 now that you mention it, for anyone who might be looking for it:

Thanks again!


I see you released new cool stuff, thank you! By the way - yes I tried that link. Dropbox returns ERROR 404, and cannot find the game because of some... its dropboxian reason :D so we still cannot see it:

"Error (404) We can't find the page you're looking for."

Best Regards and thank you for the amazing work you do.


Hmm, looks like that website no longers hosts the games from that game jam. Here is a direct link to the rar file:   I also updated my webpage with the updated link. Thanks for pointing it out!

I humbly thank you :) I was so eager to see that one.


I just replayed it a bit since it's been years. It has its flaws for sure. There are a couple of bugs in there, and it's not the easiest game to get a grip on right away (again, this was made in only a month), but man, the interconnectedness of all the ship systems still makes me proud.


Excellent! Value for money as always! Keep it up!

Thank you, enjoy!