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Hi, i like to use your awesome asset to my game. is it possible to make it a real time Action rpg? rather than turn based?

WOW. super disappointed, i rarely buy assets but this one looked pretty nice. open it up and get to work and find it only has sideways attack animations......"banging my head against the wall"  otherwise its not too bad but dam

I am sorry you are disappointed! The line of "Medieval" resources were originally made for RPGMaker, which only really did side-view battle stuff. If you are looking for character sprites with 8 directional attacks (and many, many other animations, all in 8 directions) check out the 2.5D line of assets, it might be more suited to what you're looking for!


This is a great value. The style is imaginative and classic. I just published an action rpg with these assets on the play store. 

I wish I knew about the patreon sets, the lack of key-frames made the real-time action a little choppy, but people making a turn based rpg  should have no issues.

I guess I haven't been very good with getting word out about the Patreon and how much more versatile those character pieces are. Thank you kindly for the support!


Might I suggest adding more directions other than sideways to the battle animations of all the medieval packs? Right now you are not able to attack/block/dodge in every direction which makes it impossible to work with anything other than jRPG battle system.
I would gladly support a remaster.

I actually have since made exactly that, though right now all of that stuff is only over on my Patreon. The buildable characters all have over 2000 frames of animation - over 70 different animations, each in 8 directional facings, including walking, running, idling, numerous attacks, resting, using items, and much more. Likewise, monsters have 400 frames of animation, each animation in 8 directional facings. On top of that, there are thousands of new tiles there as well, and other resources.

See you at patreon then! Thanks for the reply!