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I've supported PVGames on Steam and RMW's Store, so of course I would purchase a pack here as well. (Particularly since everyone wants to say "Walk the plank ye' land-lubber!"

I've not created a thing yet with the resources I've already purchased, but it's only a matter of time. ( I have some projects I would like to finish before starting a new one! )

Thank you for the support! Do let me know if you need anything (help, advice, etc)!


Shiver me timbers! It's as if one can smell the gentle breeze of the Carribean sea and hear the whispering waves on these screenshots. Why on earth are there so few developers who use these resources? Most of them seem to stick to the rather ugly and boring standard resources. I really don't understand that fact. I love that tremendous kraken-beast by the way!

There are quite a few people who do use them, if years worth of sales have any indication.  I've seen a few games up on Steam using them, but I think most people are hobbyists :)

This person, for example, I think has been using the resources in an excellent manner: