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Hello, we have downloaded your material, very beautiful, very exquisite, hope to use in our game, of course, we will mark your name! Thank you very much!


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amazing work thank you

Great work! 

Can you tell me how do make game assets like your game assets please?

hello this asset is just what I was looking for but you will not have assets of a human character or enemies over there thanks for the attention

These are in the character packs (or monster packs). There are also tons of them on my Patreon as well, far more than what is found here.

thank you so much bro i love you :)

Good set !!

Does this support Unity?

You can use these in Unity, they are just 2D assets. There are people who have used them in Unity before :)

hello, love your work, and in fact we have bought everything you have ever made lol. i was wanting to know if you ever re-drew the tileset called Mythos Horror Resource Pack to work in the RPG MV 48x48 grid?

Hi. I need to remove some materials. Can I edit your assets?

You can!

What versions of RPG Maker will these assets work for? Need to know before I can use them.

Ahoy! These tiles were made with a 32x32 pixel grid in mind. So any RPGMaker that has a 32x32 grid or allows you to set your grid size (which I think the most modern ones do) will be fine. You can also always make parallax maps with the assets and use them in RPGMaker just fine.


Is this available at RPG MAKER MV

Will you be offering a free human character to test out?


These are great! Using them for a homework assignment


This theme doesn't fit with my project, but I am speechless with your work.

Thank you kindly!


can be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, they can!

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What are the pixels per units?

The walls and such will fit on a 32x32 grid, snapping together.


Ok thank you. The tile set looks great by the way

Thank you kindly!