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Hi, got some questions: Does It comes with characters? If yes, are them 8 direction oriented? Files are PNG? Ty

This pack does not contain characters, the character pieces are in the Doomsday Character Creator Kit 1 and 2, and they do come in 8 directional facings and all files are pngs.

Do any of these doomsday sets have sufficient roads to be used in a procedural city generator? 

If so, which ones? 

Are these tileset packs RPG maker friendly?

They are just graphics, you can use them in any software including RPGMaker. They are not set up like default RPGMaker tiles (which are grid-based), but you can definitely make maps to use in RPGMaker, which is something I've done plenty of times

Oh, cool

Hi. Anyway I can redeem the humble purchases here on itch so I can get updates?

Are these all 2d textures or 3d models? If they are just textures is there any way to get access to the 3d models? Looks like you modeled them first.

Hello! This is a combination of 2D renders of 3D models and custom-drawn assets. I cannot give access to the 3D model portion of things, though, due to licensing of the models.

Hello PVG i'm Game dev and have buyed like all packs medieval/characters and others.
i would like to buy more complete monster frames, since currently in packs have like the side frames only (Medieval Dungeons Bundle)

I  would like a way to contact you so we can talk and solve ;3