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Hi I love your assets! May I know which pack contains the resources in your tutorial 2 Cliff?

Hello and thank you! I don't think I quite understand what you're asking. Feel free to reach out to me in Discord, I am much more active there!

I'm searching for the asset shown in the screenshot below. Could you please let me know which pack it is included in? I don't use Discord


Ah ok - Those specific tiles are older, they can be found in the Medieval Town and Country pack:


Hello, these assets look great. I'm just wondering if they work alright in a 2D setup (using Tiled)? I've used your Infernus Tileset, and I'm wondering if it's the same/similar to that.

Thanks ;)

Yep, they should work pretty much the same!

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Are they compatible with RPGMaker MV? And, how do they differ from other packs? I mean, it says that it's 2.5D pack, will they be compatible with other packs, like Mythos pack?

Heya! The perspective is slightly different than the older asset packs that were made for RPGMaker, but *most* of the tiles can be mixed and matched. The primary differences will be things like walls/buildings, if you put the wall tiles from the newer asset packs next to the old asset buildings they will look different. But things like trees, the ground textures, misc objects, etc, should be pretty freely compatible.

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Hello, my friend!
Your work is AWESOME!

I have some doubts:
Does the graphics package have 4-directions graphics (up, down, left, right) or are they just isometric?
Is the 3D models (.obj files) you used to generate them included?

I would like to use them with MV3D, but I am uncertain if it would work well.

Hello! Thank you kindly for the nice words!

Which graphics are you referring to? Characters and monsters all have 8 directional facings (up, down, left, right and diagonals). For the tiles its a bit more of a mixed bag depending - a lot of the building tiles have both, but certain ones are diagonal only. The vast majority of objects can be used in whatever orientation. Furniture is similar to building tiles in that some of it is diagonal only (this was stuff that I made at first before people requested I include 8 directions) and the rest has all 8 directions. 

As for .obj files - there are none. Many of the tiles are drawn, and the characters and monsters and such are just 2D sprite renders. No 3D assets included.